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Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Our micro ring extensions are designed with you in mind. Now you can add long, silky premium hair that looks stunning and no one will know you're wearing them.

Each kit contains hair attached to micro rings. You simply pull your hair through the ring (using a discardable plastic loop) then attach the ring using hair extension pliers which are included. The end result is professional hair extensions which are undetectable and look stunning! All kits also contain easy to follow instructions.

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Micro Ring Extensions 150 Pack

Transform your look in under 3 hours and get ready to impress! The Advanced Pack contains 150 hair extensions which are perfect for those that want lots of extra volume and a hairstyle that turns heads. 

Micro Ring Extensions 200 Pack

Get incredible volume in around 3-4 hours and get ready to shine. Deluxe Packs contain 200 hair extensions, ideal for those that want to make a statement with a revolutionery new look.  

Micro Ring Extensions 25 Pack

Add an exciting new dimension to your hair style without using colourants which contain harsh chemicals. Easily add this pack of 50  extensions yourself in half an hour at home!

Micro Ring Extensions 100 Pack

Get stunning hair extensions added in under 2 hours! Our starter kits contain 100 micro ring extensions which are ideal for adding length and volume to your natural hair. You will be impressed.